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Tillie and Lillie Catch Chester and Fester

Tillie Pea is ready to kick the soccer ball to Lillie Pea when Hunter, Grandma’s grandson, runs onto the field calling for Tillie and Lillie. He says Grandma has something important to tell them. The two Peas race through the garden and settle beside Grandma. As she reads from a special edition of The Dozer Times, the Peas learn two men have robbed the Bank of Dozer and kidnapped Harry, the bank owner’s grandson and Hunter’s best friend.

Tillie and Lillie rush to the bank with their detective gear to gather clues. After Tillie kneels on a pistachio shell, she has an idea who the criminals are. And following an encounter with the mutt, Sci-Fi, the two find another clue proving they’re on the right track.

With an idea of where the criminals may be hiding, the Peas set out to find them. Tillie and Lillie won’t rest until they catch the criminals because the T & L Detective Agency never gives up until the case is solved.

"Tillie and Lillie Track Pack Rat and Tillie and Lillie Catch Chester and Fester are some of the most entertaining books I have read with my grandchildren. I don't know who enjoys the stories more - them or me!"

-Connie Pruett

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Tillie and Lillie Track Pack Rat

A crime wave is sweeping across Tillie Pea and Lillie Pea's normally peaceful vegetable garden. Broccoli Bob can't go fishing because someone stole his fishing pole, and poor String Bean Sally lost her ball to the crook. Worst of all, the thief made off with Grandma's glasses and tea cup. Someone, it seems, chooses to ignore a very simple rule: don't take other people's things.

Tillie and Lillie have had enough. Declaring that the T & L Detective Agency never gives up until the case is solved, the two peas pocket their magnifying glasses, hop onto their red trikes, and pedal off in search of clues.

Some dedicated detective work, a little luck, and Tillie's growling stomach leads the junior sleuths to the criminal's hideout. Will he admit his guilt? Is he going to come quietly, or will he resist arrest? Tillie and Lillie aren't sure, but they know one thing: the T & L Detective Agency always gets its man. Or vegetable. Or even rat.

"Tillie and Lillie Track Pack Rat" is a wonderful book that teaches values with humorous tidbits (chocolate covered raisins). Waiting for Tillie and Lillie's next adventure!"

-Dana Merritt